impi! is an evolution of the current
business management systems

impi! moves beyond the limitations of knowledge into the realms of practical integration and daily action. 
There are 3 categories of people that choose impi!:

Upper management and Business Owners

Is your business stagnating or in decline and you need to reinvent?

impi! will break through your ceiling and reinvigorate your business.

Are you experiencing a high growth phase?

impi! will support and control your growth while stabilising your organisation through the growth curve.

Quality Assurance Managers

Are you looking to support compliance for your ISO 9001:2015 system with a flexible and simple platform and extend it to your other management systems?

impi! will give you the tools you need to integrate your processes into the daily running of your company with regular, measurable visibility across all business units. Administration of controlled documents is automated. Risk Management, Noncomformity, Corrective Action, Audit, and improvement are all integrated.

Business Management Coaches and Consultancies

Are you looking to offer your clients a holistic solution for business improvement management?

impi! provides a best practice, cloud-based solution that is branded and battle-proven.

By adopting impi!, you gain a percentage of the license fee for every client with access to a cloud-based community offering free collaboration and open-source models across all specializations. Benefit from the knowledge created by others and reduce the time spent developing your own content.

We believe the future of business management is Community of Practice consulting, cloud-based and community-driven. Get accredited and start contributing content and collaborating on innovation.

Start your journey to business transformation by contacting us today.