The essence of management is to make knowledge productive.

Peter Drucker

impi! is the only business improvement solution that offers companies and business improvement coaches an integrated transformation tool to achieve measurable goals and quantifiable profitability. 

impi! has been uniquely designed to support your Total Quality Management journey.

impi! delivers operational and organisational excellence to your customers by developing purpose, people and processes within your business.


Management routines transform leaders who activate their thinking people by offering direction and resources, driving change, setting goals and giving regular feedback.


Led by a transformed leadership, thinking people become engaged and more competent. Empowered by effective processes, you will find employees become excited about their work.


A thinking people carefully design, standardise, operate, improve and sustain all processes to meet customer requirements successfully.

Purpose x People x Processes = Prosperity

The core cycle of impi! is a PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) of continuous improvement to deliver ongoing customer value. Delivering customer value today requires the right combination of Quality, Speed and Cost.

Assessing Value and Risk.

Application of Knowledge

Variations in processes for quality, speed and cost (or non-conformities) hamper your business’ ability to deliver consistent customer value. The largest threats faced are wasteful activities and risk.

Best Operating Practice.

Management of Knowledge

To protect against these threats, standards and routines are set as Best Operating Practices that empower your workers. BOP protects your procedures, your people, the environment, business model and ultimately shareholder profit and is the accumulation of post knowledge.

Best Improvement Practice.

Creation of Knowledge

Best Operating Procedures are never completely optimal for delivering value or managing risk. Processes decay over time. To prepare for the future, Best Improvement Practices are established for day to day practice in the form of problem solving, improvement projects and innovation.


Transferal of Knowledge

Through training, coaching and the practice of daily routines, everyone develops mastery and becomes engaged, people are empowered to make decisions. As discipline and creativity develop and grow over time, they become a thinking people. Team and individual performance is recognised, success is celebrated.

Leadership & Structure.

Supporting Knowledge Productivity

Leadership designs the organisation structure, it provides direction and resources to its members and establishes leadership routines to achieve daily customer satisfaction and long term objectives. The role of leadership is to “drive out fear from the workplace, so that everyone may work effectively” (Edwards Deming).

The backbone of impi! and the home of all your content, documents and processes. This intuitive platform combines the best aspects of social media, project management software and authoring tools to create a comprehensive business solution that helps teams stay connected and accomplish their goals. Beyond the impi! content, this powerful suite of connected tools equips your company to operate at a new level of efficiency.