impi! unique value proposition to build your organization
Lean Management System

To build your organisation Lean Management System, impi! offers the perfect integration of:

  • the executive coaching of righteous leaders
  • the service of expert partners (the impi! Coach) to create success when providing advice, coaching, problem solving, oversight using the TeamPage software and
  • the integrated approach to business transformation by bringing together Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement and
  • the technology to support them at the right price.

Closed Loop Systems
and Solutions

To integrate the core cycle into your business, impi! has developed 5 closed
loop management systems that utilise several of our 14 solutions:

impi! Solutions

The 14 impi! solutions include processes such as long range planning, improvement routines and quality
management systems. They are implemented during PDCA cycles that are repeated, delivering increasing value
with each repetition.