Remove anxiety from leadership with leadership coaching

Many executives suffer from chronic anxiety.  They need clarity and control. I build a relationship with them and coach towards the development of leadership habits in their organisations. They gain empowered leaders, joy at work and increased profits.

I believe that the transformation of an organisation into a more organised, innovative and profitable version of itself, starts with the transformation of its leadership. Ideal results require ideal behaviours. Repeated good behaviours become good habits.  Good leadership habits can be taught and coached.

I offer leaders workshops, advisory, and most importantly leadership coaching to support them in the journey of releasing their potential, that of their teams and their organisation.

Pierre Bienvenüe


Find your WHY


Attendees will understand their personal purpose: “Why do I do what I do” and what makes them feel fulfilled. They can then make more intentional choices for themselves, their career or business. This is an augmented method described in Simon Sinek’s “Find your WHY” book.




Find Your Organisation WHY

Attendees will understand their personal purpose: “Why do I do what I do” and what makes them feel fulfilled. They can then make more intentional choices for themselves, their career or business. This is a method described in Simon Sinek’s “Find your WHY” book.

Job Relation

Increase employee engagment by developing leaders to establish good relations and solve people problems. This is a module of Training Within Industry (TWI).

Job Instruction

Increase productivity by developing leaders to standardise work and train people faster and more effectively. This is a module of Training Within Industry (TWI).

True North

Define what the organisation stands for and where it is going. (Re)establish the Organisation vision, One-Liner Mission, Values, True North Objectives.

Own Your Zone

Leaders are able to take full responsibility for their processes and people in their Functional Area. The area is aligned with the company structure. They manage their performance and the relationships with internal suppliers and customers.

Standard Meetings

In the accountability structure, meetings are standardised and scheduled to support effective communication within teams and between teams at all levels of the organisation. Effective standard meetings develop accountability and provide clarity.

One-on-One Process

Support, develop and align coachees to the team’s objectives for their personal benefit and the performance of the team.

Lean Coaching

In the face of uncertainty, 21st Century leaders need adaptive skills to keep their organisation relevant and sustain performance. With Lean coaching, Leaders develop the skill of coaching their subordinates in achieving challenging objectives based on the routine practice of scientific thinking. This is an acquired metaskill based on the series of book by Mike Rother on the Toyota Kata.

Improvement Projects

Applying Lean Coaching for improvement enables Leaders and their team to meet the improvement objectives in their functional areas.

Management of Key Indicators of Behaviour and Performance

The right metrics drive the right behaviours. Ideal results require ideal behaviour. Understand and design the right measurements to drive the right behaviours at the various levels of the organisation to achieve the breakthrough objectives. A key element of visual management.

Policy Deployment

Align the company structure and strategy implementation to the True North. Identify Breakthrough Objectives and associated “How to” habits and solutions including (when applicable) Lean Coaching, Standard Meetings, Own Your Zone, KPI Management, One-on-One, Improvement Projects to enable implementation.

Testimonial - Slide1


One’s working life is ever evolving, full of curve balls and never short of challenging demands. All of which at some point stretch your skill set beyond known abilities leading to significant personal anxiety. After near 30 years of working within the comforts of industry, 20 of which were at executive level, embarking on a journey outside was one such moment where uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt set in. Reaching out is so important at times like this, and I was lucky to find Pierre.


Sessions with Pierre are both therapeutic and enlightening. It forces a self-reflection that helps you truly understand your strengths, and through this gain clarity of purpose and renewed self-confidence to tackle just about of any crisis.


I value the deep bond we have formed and know whom to call whenever I need further guidance.


Pradhavin Moopanar

Former COO
Crossley Carpets - Textile Industry


I have had the pleasure of being coached by Pierre this past last year (2021). Pierre provides a very personal but constructive approach to his sessions which makes you reflect and find new perspectives of how to approach work and business.


He has coached me on how to be a better leader but also provided me with specific theories and tools that I can directly implement into my daily work as an operations manager.


I have found both comfort and strength in having Pierre support and lead me in operational management as well as people relations.​


Christina Lerche

Flirt Creativity - Marketing Agency

Testimonial - Slide2


Pierre has taught me to pursue personal transformation before expecting it from others. Coaching sessions provide a regular check-in for progress on this front.


Pierre’s help in an advisory role has been invaluable as we have set up rhythms and routines to encourage the same accountability throughout our team.


I now get great joy as I watch my team, my business and hopefully myself positively transform together.


David Walker

Common Architecture - Architectural Practice


I’ve been coached by Pierre for two years now (from 2021). And, like most stubborn entrepreneurs, I am incredibly independent, so it’s been an interesting experience in how to receive support.


Through coaching, we have both learned from the experience of seeing and being seen, working through processes and uncovering blindspots, and understanding failures and setbacks.


I would 100% recommend his services as a coach.


Viroshan Naicker

North Quotient - Tokenomics

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You’re interested to know more about the workshops or leadership coaching, feel free to connect with me. 

Pierre is a mechanical and textile engineer, with an MBA.  In his first career, for 15 years he held senior management and director positions in manufacturing industries in operations management (production, maintenance, planning, etc.), project management, systems development and implementation of lean management programs.

Then for 7 years, at Competitive Dynamics International, he consulted for large operations in South Africa and French speaking African countries to implement a Lean Manufacturing program.  In parallel and from 2012, Pierre started impi!, a program designed to support the development of Lean Management systems, in partnership with Traction Software Inc.

From 2019, he started to formally coach leaders, under the mentorship of Charles White, co-founder of the Prowess Leadership Institute of which he certified as a coach.  In 2020, Pierre started to practice the Scientific Thinking approach in the context of leadership coaching. This is the practice described by Mike Rother in the Toyota Kata.

Pierre’s key fulfilment is to witness transformed leaders, transforming their organisation into more meaningful, profitable and harmonious places of work.

Every two weeks, Pierre posts a short video on tools, tips and reflections on leadership.

Within Walking Distance is a series shot in beautiful locations in South Africa, wherever Pierre happens to be. Also the implementation of the methods introduced is within reach of determined leaders: simple, practical, and useful to practice better leadership routines.