• Fabio Grendele
    “The essence of management is to make knowledge productive”. Peter Drucker   Is your QMS delivering value to your organisation? The purpose of any QMS is to consistently provide product and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Consistency achieved through good internal control, will sustain and create profit for your business. Without consistency it becomes extremely difficult to identify abnormalities, analyse the impact, and plan improvement projects. A top-notch quality management system (QMS) is
  • Meeting - Stock photography
    Greg Sassen
    Are you are a business owner, executive or senior manager? Then you’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of management meetings.Management meetings are the heartbeat of any business and are in place to keep teams productive, accountable and focused. Meetings are the primary channel for communication and goal alignment throughout the business.If you and your teams are dissatisfied with the quality of your meetings, then you are fortunate enough to have a giant
  • When leaders decide not to change, their organisation will decline
    Pierre Bienvenüe
    Have you come across someone that answers a question in another category from which it is asked? For example, the question is “what colour is the sky today?” and the person answers “5”. This could be the right answer, but we would need a little context to understand.  Today I’m writing about the opposite situation: Mr Exec asks questions in the wrong category in his attempt to solve a serious problem. What are you doing
  • Business Transformation: leaderhip change the culture with people change and and process improvement
    Pierre Bienvenüe
    Unless you are comfortably numb and disengaged at work (in which case stop reading right now), you always feel that work should be done safer, simpler, better, faster, cheaper. Likewise, you wish that your leadership style and that of your colleagues would be more inspiring or less toxic. What about a dream team collaborating in a state of flow to create value? Your workplace always needs transformation, integrated transformation, ongoing integrated transformation. What Business Transformation? We keep on sticking the words
  • Leadership beliefs and identity shape the company future success
    Pierre Bienvenüe
    In the world of continuous improvement and business transformation, we, coaches, meet all sorts of leadership attitudes. Here are four of several characters that we encounter often. Which are the ones most likely to initiate and sustain positive transformation? FOUR UNFIT FRIENDS MAKE A DECISION FOR CHANGE Ashleigh, Bradley, Charmelle and Dimba became friends at university and over the years kept in contact.​ Now in their mid-thirties they realised that time was acting against their

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